The first animal protection hotline in Ukraine.
Together we help injured animals get a second chance for a happy life. Call 303 to report an emergency with a wild animal in need of assistance.
Let the animals survive
Our work

First aid

Animal rescue service provides the first urgent veterinary care, transportation to a designated veterinary clinic in Kyiv and the region. Call the short number 303. Animal lives is important!
We're always available, ready to evacuate animals from dangerous conflict zones and help find them shelters that facilitate animal adoption if needed.


We provide temporary shelter for both wild and domestic animals after evacuations or accidents: we feed, treat, rehabilitate, and offer psychological support. We release them into the wild, and if that's not possible, we find suitable living conditions for them.


Animal rights

We are working on improving legislation in the field of animal protection. We conduct educational programs aimed at raising awareness among citizens about the importance of protecting animal rights and their responsibility towards them.

Emergency Rescue Service

Charitable Organization
HAU – Help Animals Of Ukraine

If you have found a wild animal in distress, call the short number 303, provide a detailed description of the situation and wait for the arrival of the Help Animals Of Ukraine rescue team.
Work Results
> 800
are operating in Kyiv and the region.
are currently in the rehabilitation center.
were rescued by the Wildlife Rescue Center.
We help together
Help animals survive
Your help is warmth and hope for animals that have lost their families or found themselves in need. Give the gift of life and change the world with us. Support the foundation's activities!
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You are already worthy of respect for reading this information on the HAU website. Our furry friends will be very happy for your support and compassion.
Team of HAU
Our team of volunteers, zoologists, doctors and lawyers specializes in the rescue and rehabilitation of various species of wildlife. We work around the clock to provide emergency assistance, treatment, and find the optimal way to reintroduce these animals into their natural habitat or provide them with dignified living conditions
Alexei Galperin
Co-Founder, Head of Help Animals Of Ukraine
Roi Cnaan
Co-Founder, Deputy Head of Help Animals Of Ukraine
Nataliia Popova
Head of the Wildlife Rescue Center
Maryna Surkova
Head of the Department of Animal Protection
News from
Help Animals Of Ukraine
Emergency situation for pets in Ukraine
HAU is launching a global campaign to gather food and essential sterilization equipment to aid these animals.
Join HAU: Renew Hope for Rescued Wildlife
The animals we've gathered, tired and frail, received essential care and are set to move to a zoo in a secure location. Support HAU in this mission of hope and renewal.
HAU's Lifesaving Mission: Rescuing Ukraine's Rare Eagles
HAU rescued a rare eagle, showcasing the urgency of wildlife conservation in Ukraine. Support their mission to save and rehabilitate.
Lions Escape War's Claws for a French Haven of Peace
In the turmoil of conflict, Atlas, Queen, and Luladja, three lions from the front lines, have been given a new lease on life in a French sanctuary, embodying hope and the boundless nature of compassion.

United for Wildlife

HAU's Pioneering Summit on Animal Welfare
Help Animals Of Ukraine
The first animal protection hotline in Ukraine.