In the midst of Ukraine’s turmoil, a silent crisis unfolds, touching the lives of innocent pets left behind in the chaos of war.

Emergency situation for pets in Ukraine
As countless Ukrainians flee conflict zones, their beloved pets, once cherished family members, are now abandoned, forming growing packs, lost and scared in their struggle to survive.

This dire situation has led to an urgent need for food and care, a need that grows more critical with each passing day.
HAU, initially wildlife-focused, now urgently shifts resources to support domestic animals in crisis.
Over 300 foster homes, both established and makeshift, have sought our help to save over 30,000 pets left behind as families escaped the war in Ukraine, demonstrating immense dedication and compassion.

We face a dire shortage of pet food and lack crucial vaccines and sterilization equipment in Ukraine. Your support is vital for these essential efforts, significantly impacting animal lives during these challenging times.

Emergency Rescue Service

Charitable Organization
HAU – Help Animals Of Ukraine

Found a distressed wild animal?
Dial 303, describe the situation, and wait for Help Animals Of Ukraine's rescue team.
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This is where your compassion can make a tangible difference.
Your support, in any form, can help us continue to feed, care for, and shelter these pets who have nowhere else to turn.

By donating to HAU, you’re not just giving food or funds; you’re providing hope, safety, and a chance for a better future for countless pets affected by the war in Ukraine.

Your generosity means the world to us, but even more so to the pets whose lives you’ll touch.

Every donation, big or small, helps ensure that we can continue our vital work, bringing relief and comfort to animals in desperate need.
In these trying times,
let’s show the pets of Ukraine that they are not forgotten.
Your kindness can light the way toward a brighter future for them.

Join us in this crucial mission — support HAU today and be a part of a compassionate movement that values every life, no matter how small.
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Every contribution helps us procure and distribute pet food to the animals suffering in Ukraine.
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