Call the short number 303 if an animal needs emergency assistance.
Help Animals Of Ukraine – the first emergency hotline for animals in Ukraine.
We provide assistance only in Kyiv and the region, but we are working on expanding our geographic coverage.
Steps in the rescue process
Call the short number 303 to receive quick assistance for wild animals in emergency situations. If possible, capture the circumstances in photos or videos.
Provide a detailed description of the situation you witnessed. The emergency service dispatcher will clarify the information according to the protocol. Note that the team responds exclusively to emergencies.
An ambulance crew consisting of a veterinarian, a doctor's assistant and a driver will go to the address you specified to provide assistance to the injured animal. We currently work only in Kyiv and the region for emergencies.
Where does the animal rescue service operate?
5 ambulances of
Help Animals Of Ukraine
We go on calls within Kyiv and Kyiv region. We are working to increase the number of regions where we can provide emergency assistance to animals in distress.
Evacuation of wild animals can be organized in case of emergencies, such as natural disasters or threats to their lives.
Call the emergency number:
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