United for Wildlife:
HAU's Pioneering Summit on Animal Welfare

In an unprecedented gathering, Help Animals of Ukraine (HAU) and the Association of Animal Protection Organizations of Ukraine convened with leading wildlife experts to tackle the welfare of captive wild animals. This collaborative effort aims to revolutionize animal protection in Ukraine, signaling a hopeful future for animal welfare initiatives.
In a landmark collaboration aimed at enhancing the welfare of wild animals in captivity
Help Animals of Ukraine (HAU) and the Association of Animal Protection Organizations of Ukraine convened a pivotal meeting.

This assembly brought together some of the country's foremost authorities on animal protection, including specialists from CO ICF Save Wild and representatives from distinguished organizations such as URSA, ifaw, and UAnimals.
The gathering centered
on a critical agenda:
the well-being of wild animals held in captivity.

This issue, vital for the ethical treatment and conservation of wildlife, prompted an in-depth dialogue among the attendees.

The discussions were not merely theoretical but aimed at concrete outcomes, with the participants identifying several promising strategies to advance their cause.
By working together...
The collaboration underscores a shared commitment among the participating organizations and experts to make Ukraine a safer place for animals.

It reflects a united front in the fight against the challenges facing wildlife in captivity, emphasizing the importance of collective action and the impact it can have on shaping a more humane and just society for animals.

HAU, through this initiative, reiterates its core belief that animal life is of paramount importance. The meeting is just the beginning of a broader effort to mobilize resources, expertise, and the support of both the public and private sectors.

By working together, HAU and its partners are setting a precedent for animal welfare in Ukraine, highlighting the critical role of collaboration in advocating for the rights and well-being of animals.
This endeavor marks a significant milestone in the journey towards improving the living conditions of wild animals in captivity.

It showcases the power of unity and the difference that can be made when organizations come together for a common cause. HAU's commitment to animal life shines through this collaborative effort, serving as a beacon of hope for wildlife conservation and protection in Ukraine and beyond

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