Gender: Female
Age: 4 years
Species: Tiger
Diagnosis: osteoarthritis of the left hind paw wrist joint, renal insufficiency. Injured during explosions on November 11, 2023.
About me:
What i need:
For food: lean meat, home eggs (no pork).
For treatment: neurobion, carsil, vitamins. Regular diagnostics and medical supervision are necessary. I love playing with large and sturdy toys.
Daily maintenance cost:
Weight 80 kg
My Story:
My name is Tigryulya, and I am a beautiful tigress. I was evacuated during the war actions in the Kharkiv region. I was in very bad condition. An old fracture of the left knee joint caused severe pain. I arrived in an exhausted state. I underwent surgery, and the unbearable pain disappeared. I have renal insufficiency, poor liver indicators, and digestive disorders.