Gender: Female
Age: 2 yeats
Species: Lion
Diagnosis: I don't have any health complaints now, but I am monitoring my diet to restore a healthy weight.
About me:
What i need:
For food: any lean meat (no pork). Also, straw for comfortable arrangement of the enclosure. I would gladly welcome large sturdy toys as a gift.
Daily maintenance cost:
Weight 120 kg
Не можна свинину
My Story:
My name is Yuna and I am a beautiful lioness. We lived together with Atlas in a small enclosure on private property. Due to captivity distress, he constantly mistreated me, and I was always hiding under the bench, practically never coming out. When we were taken away, I couldn't even move properly. I weighed 70 kg. Atlas constantly ate my portion of food. Perhaps, that's why he looked overweight, while I kept getting weaker, experiencing constant stress and immobility.