Overhaul of the heating system of the premises of the rehabilitation center

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The heating system in our premises was destroyed during the occupation of Kyiv region. The power went out and the heating equipment stopped working, causing serious problems. One of the consequences of this situation was the impossibility of providing heat in the premises. The water needed for heating froze in the pipes under the influence of a sharp drop in temperature, which led to their deformation and the breakdown of the entire heating system.
This is a serious problem that affects the health and comfort of the animals undergoing rehabilitation. The lack of heating in winter creates extremely uncomfortable conditions for our furry friends. They are forced to endure cold and dampness, which can lead to illnesses and worsen the condition of already injured or sick animals.
We urge you to join us to solve this problem. Your support, whether it's financial assistance or providing heating equipment, will help us restore heating and provide warmth for our residents. They need our help, and together we can ensure they have decent living conditions.
Heating boilers
Pipes and fittings
Circulation pumps
Thermal insulation materials
Automation electronics
Heat distribution ventilation system
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You are already worthy of respect for reading this information on the HAU website. Our furry friends will be very happy for your support and compassion.